Monday, January 21, 2013

Daddy goes to India - Oct. 12-21, 2012

So, when Wil finished his last med school rotation, he took a long-time planned trip to India with some of his closest friends. It was hard for him to leave sweet Sofia, so I tried to take a picture of her everyday he was gone. Here are some of the pics. She was 7 weeks old here... 

I was so happy I caught her smiling! Unintentional at this age, of course, but so sweet all the same.

Love these lips!
Okay, so please don't think I'm an awful mother, but I really think her cry is just precious! I like it much more when she is not crying, of course, but I had to capture this for her Daddy. These next pics are post-bath time with mommy. Obviously, she likes it much better when Daddy bathes her =)
And of course less than 5 minutes later, she is happy as can be and ready for a nap! All that crying tired her out!

Game day! OU's littlest fan! The onesy is obviously too big for her, but she was so cute and again, I was thrilled to capture her smiling!  

And of course, a photo of our other wonderful child!

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