Sunday, December 23, 2012


This is my first blog EVER! I have been planning to start a blog for our sweet little olive, Sofia, for awhile now, but I really have no clue how to blog! Or even what I am doing! So, please bare with me as I learn.

Wil & I wanted to start this blog for Sofia so that anyone (near or far) could see pictures and keep in touch, so here is the first post!

Today, we attended our church's Christmas service. It was Sofia's first Christmas service ever! Although, she spent it in the nursery, she sure had a great time! We missed her in the service and will probably take her with us next year because I think she would really enjoy it! Anyway, here is our very first family photo taken this morning after church by Grandma JoJo.

I know, Sofia appears a little blurry in this pic, but she is moving, as usual =)

And here is a better pic of Sofia and her favorite Daddy ever!

Thank you to both Grandma's for making Sofia the cutest Christmas baby ever!!!

We are having so much fun with Sofia this holiday season! She is almost four months now and developing such a personality! It truly amazes me to watch her develop and learn the world around her!

Hope you enjoyed our first post!

We will take many more pictures and continue to post, so stay tuned....

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